How Does HealthyWage Work?

Ever since I lost twenty pounds, I get asked these questions all the time… How did you lose the weight? How are you keeping the weight off? What is HealthyWage? How does HealthyWage work? Is HealthyWage legit? Check out my full review and personal case study!

I’m excited to talk about my weight loss! I love that people notice and want to know how I did it. My goal with is to share my success and the answers to all of these questions!

How Did I Lose The Weight… and Keep It Off?

HealthyWage Results

I was the heaviest I’d been since the birth of my son eleven years ago. I wasn’t healthy and I certainly wasn’t happy with my weight.

I was tired of trying different diets and not sticking with the program because I wasn’t seeing any results. It was time to figure out a new way!

How did I lose the weight and keep it off? My formula = HealthyWage + intermittent fasting + increasing my steps! I will post more about intermittent fasting and increasing steps in future posts.

What Is HealthyWage?

I first noticed references to the HealthyWage program through my Facebook feed. I was interested in the idea that I could commit to lose weight and earn money at the same time!

But, how does the program work? How would HealthyWage know I lost the weight? How would I get paid? Is all this legit???

How Does the HealthyWage Program Work?

HealthyWage works through the power of financial incentives!

  • First you figure out how much you want to “wager” that you will lose the weight.
  • HealthWage calculates how much you will win based off how much you are going to lose and how long you will take to get to your goal weight.
  • You upload a video of your starting weight (more on this in the next section).
  • You pay your “wager” and track your weight loss.
  • At the end of your program period, you upload a final verification video to show you lost the weight.
  • HealthyWage reviews your verification video and declares you a winner!

How does HealthyWage WorkHow Does HealthyWage Verify Weight Loss?

Using the HealthyWage app, you upload videos of your starting and ending weight for verification. The videos are private and not shared with anyone except the HealthyWage verification team.

You have two options to recording your video:

  1. Record your video yourself using a full-length mirror, or
  2. Have a friend record your video for you.

The steps are simple, record yourself stepping on your scale and show the scale reading. You should wear light clothing and will need to show your full profile to verify it is you.

How Does HealthyWage Pay Winnings?

My weight loss was quickly verified by the HealthWage team and I received my payout through PayPal. You can also choose to receive payout through a check payment.

Is HealthyWage Legit?

I can absolutely say yes, HealthyWage is legitimate! My winning weight was verified promptly, and I received my payout within a couple days!


Finally, What’s Next?

I am so thrilled with my HealthyWage results! I am keeping the motivation offered by HealthyWage by entering new programs and challenges. This approach is fun and I’m keeping off the weight I lost plus losing more and getting even more fit. I highly recommend this program as a fun approach to weight loss and fitness!

I will share more in coming weeks about all the challenges and incentives offered by HealthyWage. You can enter up to 10 challenges at once – all for the same weight loss! Check out my full review of the HealthyWage program, which includes my personal weight loss case study.


2 thoughts on “How Does HealthyWage Work?”

  1. Thanks for sharing a little bit about Healthy Wage.   You gave us a nice overview of how it works in general.  You have peaked my interest.  I want to know even more know.   Are you planning on doing another post with more details?  If not, I’ll do some more research.  If you are, I like your writing style enough that I’ll wait and read what you say.   

    Since no company can just give money away for free, I am assuming people pay money into the cash prize pool when they decide to participate.   I can see how this could provide that extra bit of motivation needed to exercise and to eat correctly. 

    I will be looking forward to your next post.   

    • Hi Sondra – thanks for reading and for your comments! I’m happy your interest is peaked – yes, I’m working on followup posts with more information as we speak!

      The motivation for me was absolutely because of the financial aspect. I made a wager (and put my money up front) that I would lose the weight in six months. Based off my wager amount, how much weight I said I could lose, and how much time I gave myself, HealthyWage calculated my prize as almost double my original bet!

      Putting that money down up front made it IMPOSSIBLE for me to not lose the weight – I didn’t want to lose my money! 🙂 I felt like I was in complete control of the outcome – I just had to focus on myself. It was VERY motivating. 

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