Steps To Getting Fit – Intro!

Welcome to! In my About Me page, I described briefly how I’ve come to be passionate about fitness, losing weight and finding steps to getting fit. I really think my story is similar to many others, I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. That’s a really sad way to live – in a “struggle”.

Regardless, I sympathize with everyone who wants to get ahead of this “struggle” and not let it define who we are. This is my ultimate goal of!

The Struggle Is Real

I’ve tried nearly every “diet” and exercise program I’ve encountered. Why? I get hooked by how easy the advertising makes the program seem. Or, how convincing the marketing is that makes me think, wait – THIS could be my answer. If it worked for them (insert fictional advertisers or spokesmen) it will work for me! Or, It’s only $39.99… if it does work, that will be the best money ever spent!!

Why Can I Not Do This?!

It goes without saying that I wasted a lot of money and effort on programs that don’t work for me. I’ve done low-calorie, low-carb, counting points/calories, weekly meetings, pre-prepped food that is specifically portioned for my plan. I’ve joined gyms, joined classes, ran, walked, swam, and so on.

Why doesn’t any of this work for me? Quite simply because I don’t stick to any of the programs consistently. I give up, “fail”, quit, decide I should just like who I am….

Now What?

Well, that’s depressing! I can’t even stick to the last one and keep liking who I am. Somethings got to change. Insert –!

What Does Work?!

Enough negativity already! What is a truly effective program that will work… for anyone?!

Since I’ve dedicated all this time and effort into trying to find what works for me, it makes sense to put that experience to work and write about my experiences.

I will post reviews of what does (and doesn’t work) and provide testimony to help my readers decide if the programs or products will work for them.

SPOILER ALERT: I have found a way to lose the weight, get fit and be happy!


I can’t wait to begin sharing personal reviews and Steps To Get Fit! Join me here for the answers you are looking for! Stay tuned!


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